Sam Marley-Jarrett

Developer-turned-ops engineer, now working at Passionate about application frameworks, continuous everything and containerised life, he also loves knitting and bakes a mean cupcake.

Insta-married™: How Marriage Equality Impacts Me

In 2009 I met a man. It was an interesting time for me, I'd just moved to Melbourne for a job, and had left behind my entire family and social network. We caught up a few times, but because of some personal drama, nothing much came of it until May…

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Symfony finally swiped right on envvars (the gifless edition)

(Or, “why do we keep baking secrets into our artifacts?”) A paper on the talk I gave at the Melbourne Symfony Developers group on September 26, 2017. Slides are available here. Symfony is unique as a web framework. Most frameworks and applications re-read configuration with each boot. Booting in the…

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